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This is a VR training tool made for my Capstone Project in my 3rd year at University. We worked with Energy Queensland to create a tool which teaches the user about the Safety Observer role when working near power lines. During the experience, the user has to select the correct exclusion zones and monitor workers near powerlines. Should the worker ever get too close, the user needs to stop them. For this project, I acted as the lead game designer, this meant I designed the moment-to-moment gameplay and how the experience would play. I also created the UI’s that were in the application, as well as implementing the audio into the experience.

Top Shelf Studio Members
Ethan Fitzgerald - Game Design
Kai Forman - Artist
James Steendyk - Programmer
Joshua Kennedy - Programmer

Install instructions

This game was build for the Oculus Quest 2. To install this APK you will have to side load it onto your device. If you are playing from a different VR device the controls in-game will not match to your controls.


Top-Shelf-Studios-V1.0.apk 208 MB

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